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The god Particle I Don’t Think So August 23, 2012

Posted by Dr. Robert Owens in Politics.
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Arrogance is a funny thing. Not Ha Ha funny, but funny none-the-less.  I was watching one of America’s leading physicists the other day, a man made famous by his co-authorship of String Theory and made popular by his ability to make people without a scientific education believe they understand what he’s talking about.  He repeatedly made the statement that today physicists understand 99.9%of how the Universe works and that the .01% that was missing is the never before seen but previously postulated Higgs Boson particle popularly known as the god particle.

The reason he was on a popular news show was because other scientists in Switzerland had announced that they had found the ever elusive god particle by producing a mini-Big Bang in the world’s largest cyclotron by smashing atoms together.  The Big Bang is what atheist scientists have to call creation because all their evidence proves that the universe, just started.  They have come to believe that at one moment there was nothing and then a split nano-second later there was everything.  Since they find it impossible to believe that God merely said, “Let there be” and it was they instead have mentally manufactured the Big Bang Theory, which along with the Theory of Evolution is taught to every school child as if it were established fact.

The Big Bang Theory goes like this: once upon a time there was nothing except the tiniest of points that contained the essence of everything.  They even say there was no time because time itself was nonexistent before the Big Bang.  Then spontaneously this tiniest of points exploded and in a flash it expanded into gases and stars and planets and galaxies.  Using rooms full of chalk boards these highly educated scientists prove that all of everything came from something: a teeny tiny point of compressed something.

They piously tell us all their observations prove this is so.  All their chalk filled blackboards prove this is so.  All their experiments prove this is so.  And now after they have discovered 99.9% of the truth the production of the missing god particle absolutely proves it is so.  Just give them a little more time and they will be able to tell us exactly how the universe created itself.

How nice.

Luckily there are these eloquent popularizers who are able to act as a verbal interface allowing the scientifically and mathematically challenged masses peek behind the curtain.  It’s a good thing because it is our tax money that pays for all their orbiting telescopes, cyclotrons, and blackboards.  And since the majority of us are Christians who believe God created the world it’s convenient to have someone to explain to us why all the money we spend proves we are actually deluded provincials with a quaint faith in an unseen Father who created and upholds everything with His word, wrote a book to tell us about it, and then sent His only Son to die at our hands for our redemption.

Now that is money well spent.  Pay billions and billions to have scientific shamans to tell us that what we believe are fables and what they believe is fact.  Maybe we should spend our billions on magic beans instead, and then we could climb up to heaven and find out what really happened.  Or maybe we should build a tower that reaches into heaven so our priest-king-scientist could give God a physical, and then tell us all about why He isn’t there.

Our super smart highly educated and well financed scientists tell us they don’t operate on faith; instead they operate on logic and objective evidence.  Yet when you examine their chain of thought and peer into their evidence it is a fabric of conjectures based upon one leap of faith after another.  They have convinced themselves the air castles they have constructed are more than science fiction, but why should we believe them?  They do sound sincere and they do act as if they know what they are talking about, but so does the flim-flam man who tries to sell us the Brooklyn Bridge or the politician who tells us they can manage the debt and give everyone everything.

For one thing their very confidence that they have the universe 100% or even 99.9% figured out ought to tell us these wizards aren’t ever going to really give us a heart, or courage, and certainly not a brain.  They may give us a medal or a degree and then explain how they are just what they promised when they aren’t but they can’t deliver on the real thing.  When Toto finally pulls the curtain back will we then realize we have spent billions upon billions to supposedly prove fantasies labeled as truth when we have had the truth all along: God created the universe, and we are here because of Him, in Him, and for Him.  That may be too simplistic for the wizards to believe but their flights of fancy ought to be too fantastic for us to swallow.

For instance all these grand theories of everything never tell us where the incredibly compressed point comes from.  They never tell us how long the point was in a state of perfect equilibrium just hanging there in the nothing.  They never tell us what would have caused the point to explode.  Yet they try to tell us they have it all figured out. Go figure.

I find it comical that believing in an all-knowing all-powerful God who created everything and everyone is too hard for people to believe but when a highly educated, highly financed, and media savvy spokes model tells us that everything created itself millions of people nod their heads and stand in line to give them more money for more experiments and blackboards so that we can expand our knowledge to what 110%?

This all reminds me of two things.


There have been other times when societies and their wizards thought they knew everything.

A man named Ptolemy once proved that the whole universe revolves around the earth.  Eventually a complicated model was constructed by dedicated mathematicians and philosophers to demonstrate and prove how it worked.  Galileo among others was arrested, tried, and convicted for saying the Earth revolves around the Sun.  Once the alchemists knew there was a philosopher’s stone that would turn iron into gold.  At one point the leading lights of science knew the world was flat while Columbus knew he could sail from Europe to Asia in a straight line.  In the 1890s scientists assured us we knew everything about everything.  Now the Big Bang explains it all and the god particle is the key to understanding how nothing became everything.


All these theories of everything that eliminate God remind me of the story about a scientist who when asked where his computer came from didn’t know so he said, “There was a pile of parts laying in a junk yard for billions of years and one day they were struck by lightning and out popped this computer.”  This scientist had a blackboard full of equations that proved he was right.  He had spent billions of tax dollars conducting of experiments that proved he was right.  And he sounded very convincing when he explained it all. His theory was accepted and taught in all the schools, so now our children can come home and tell us where computers come from.

And the cow jumped over the moon.

It also reminds me of the story about a scientist who said to God, “You’re not so much.  I’ve figured out how to create life in my laboratory.”

“You have?” said God.

“Yes I have and I’m willing to have a competition to prove I can create life just like you,” said the scientist as he wrote two rooms full of equations to show God how much he knew.

“Okay,” said God as He stooped down picked up some dirt and started fashioning a man.

The scientist picked up some dirt and started pouring it from one test tube to another when God smiled and said, “Hey!  Get your own dirt.”

Even if we can prove how something happened does that tell us why?  Since every chain of events has to have a beginning our wizards have had to come face-to-face with “In the beginning.”  However, without faith they can’t see the forest for the tree.  So instead of giving God the glory for his creation they try to construct creation without a creator, which reminds me of the atheist who knows there is no heaven and prays there is no hell.

I love to listen to the wizards.  I read their books and watch their shows.  However, I march to the beat of a different drummer, “And if it seems evil to you to serve the Lord, choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion.  He is the Historian of the Future @ http://drrobertowens.com © 2012 Robert R. Owens drrobertowens@hotmail.com  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens



1. jsyco - August 23, 2012

Thanks Doc, this actually made me laugh. It was a good read but you failed for the simple fact that creationism and the big bang are the same thing.

You either believe in creationism or the big bang. In either case we can agree that prior to either one nothing existed, and I mean nothing, Not even time or substance. The whole concept of “nothing” is really pretty hard to grasp by most people because we imagine what “nothing” must be like, But by the very act of imagining it you give it substance. The human mind just cant imagine nothing. So even though we get the concept of nothing we can never really appreciate it.

So given these facts, Why would God have existed prior to creation, what would be the reason or cause for his existence ? Tough question I know but it is the same question you ask regarding the existence of the pre big bang particle. So we will break new ground here and posit that God came into existence at the instant of creation. If that were the case then that means that God was created and that just is not possible, wont even fit the basic concept of God.

I talk about our inability to imagine “nothing” so I guess you could say that God just is and we just don’t understand. God is everywhere all the time, always has been and always will be. Nope not even that indisputable argument will work, because we do understand “nothing” and all that it implies.

I imagine about the only argument left is that there never really was a “nothing” . There was a something and it was only God, he was the whole of existence. The only problem with that is both science and religion espouse the “nothing” concept and we’ve already been over that ground.

The difference is belief and the only theory that works. That concept for me holds both beauty and fright. An individual with the power of belief is a thing of purity and beauty. At the same time when believers organize and try to bend society to fit their beliefs thats when it gets scary. Bot science and religion are guilty of this type of belief.

2. Danny R. - August 24, 2012

So, you criticize science for not giving you an adequate explanation of the creation of the universe, then you give your own crack pot fairy tale about it? One thing we know about science, is that we continue, as a species, to advance and discover things we didn’t know for certain a generation prior. Down the road – maybe 30, 50, maybe even 100 years – we may know more definitive answers as to how the universe was formed. Until then, you’d rather stick to Bronze Age mysticism. Chalk another one up for scientific method over irrational dogma.

3. GTK - August 24, 2012

The idea that you’re so sure that Higgs-Boson, the Big Bang and Evolution are not potentially part of “God’s Plan” is Ha Ha funny. The idea that “Let There Be…”, which would constitute a literal (and, in my opinion, foolish) interpretation of the bible, is more probable than the findings of these scientific discoveries is the real joke. You talk about arrogance, but I think it’s time to look in the mirror, Doc… stick to history, right wing politics, and fundamentalism. What do you think you’re achieving by pretending God and science are opposed to one another?

Dr. Robert owens - August 24, 2012

I am not at all saying they are opposites. The Big Bang is the “Let there be” it is the secular interpretation and the idea that we can and do know 99.9% that I was taking issue with…;~)

4. P. Long - August 26, 2012

Nothing? Before our universe ‘nothing’. Where does that come from? Not from the Bible. (The earth and it’s solar system wasn’t here, but is the absence of the earth a state of ‘nothing’. Puts a lot of emphasis on our own existence doesn’t it?) And while we’re on the subject, who gets to decide which parts of the Bible are literal and which figurative? If you can’t let the Bible’s passages decide for you by plain statements, you don’t believe the Bible. Which is your prerogative is it not? You’re entitled to your own opinion. Right? Except it’s no fun if everyone else is made to feel stupid.

P. Long - August 26, 2012

That last statement is tongue in cheek, by the way. Other people have to feel stupid for one’s opinion to truly be superior. Don’t they?

jsyco - August 26, 2012

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” The first sentence of Genesis pretty much says it all. If I can’t infer from this statement that God created everything and thus nothing existed prior to that then I guess the art of deductive reasoning has escaped me.

I have never heard the concept that God only created our own solar system. Is that what you meant by your statement? That would really put the emphasis on our own existence, while at the same time turning God into a minor player which kind of goes against the whole concept of “God” . I guess maybe I don’t understand what you were trying to say.

5. P. Long - August 26, 2012

The story of Genesis is not the story of everything, only the story of the world we know and us. Anything else is not deductive reasoning, it is strictly speculation. An assumption.

6. Dr. Robert owens - August 29, 2012

“Scientists don’t come up with a theory, find some evidence, and declare it 100% perfect.” Have you ever taken a high school biology class? How was the theory of evolution taught? As a theory or as a certainty? Remember the chart of the monkey walking his way to a man? Did you ever notice a ? at the end of that cartoon?

7. M. Siders - October 8, 2012

To consider the efficiency of one human tear, to examine the make up of a single ear of corn, or watch the travels of a tiny caterpillar, to know that if the earth were tilted just a little differently, of spun a bit closer or further from the sun, our existence would be impossible, these and a million other things I encounter on a daily basis, make it so much more qauntifiable to believe that there is a God who designed it, and not only made it work so that it could all change and evolve, but made it with us in mind, than to believe that all these details randomly happened from atoms bumping into eachother. I am thankful that my life has more purpose and meaning than the hopeless belief that everything, including our very existance, is an accident of nature. Even better, is that I can have a personal and second by second relationship with The One who put it all together, and can know without a doubt, that there is more to this life than just existing. Thanks Dr. O for reminding me of the vastness of it all!

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