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Jabberwocky as National Policy November 3, 2015

Posted by Dr. Robert Owens in Uncategorized.

Not since New Speak became the national PC language of our fundamentally transformed America have the words of the political elite been as tortured by the meanings as they have been lately.

Take for instance the recent death of a true American hero in Iraq.

Ash Carter our defensive Secretary of Defense was able to point out with a straight face that while Army Master Sgt. Joshua Wheeler, the first American killed in action in Iraq since 2011 died in combat it was not a combat death.

And of course our Jabberwock-in-Chief as usual WOWed the pampered poodle pundits of the state-controlled media with his dazzling display of not only doublespeak but also doublethink when he explained that “Deploying special forces to Syria is not ‘Boots on the ground.”

Then again war is peace and obedience is happiness.

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