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ISIS Attacks DC?? Read the fictional Account by Dr. Robert Owens March 28, 2016

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Book Summary: Imagine if 10% of the hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees flooding into America today are actually ISIS suicide Warriors.  Now imagine that this number is over 20,000 fanatics ready to die for their Caliph.  Forming themselves into four brigade strength units they converge on four armories around DC and then using our own Abrams tanks and Apache gunships they attack the capitol and decapitate our government.  This is the story of America rising to the challenge in the second Battle of Washington.

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Excerpt #1: When the stairwell doors opened Lisa and a dozen other leaders among the citizen soldiers hurriedly shouted “Hold your fire!!” as half naked and naked women stumbled out into the carnage of the first floor. . .   Charging like a bull at a red cape, enraged Americans crashed their way into the many stairwells on the first floor and directly into the waiting massed fire of the Jihadis.

Excerpt #2: Looking at each other across the bullet ridden conference table, the shattered furniture, and the many bodies strewn about they all tried to say, “I love you be safe,” with their eyes before they rushed in different directions leading their squads to the battle none of them wanted and each of them was determined to win.

America’s Trojan War combines gut wrenching realism and fast paced action to make this feel like it was ripped from the morning’s headlines. This is the first fictional book authored by Dr. Robert Owens and available at America’s Trojan War

You can also find his six other books on line through Amazon they include two political Science books: two political science books: Political Action Follows Political Philosophy, and The Constitution Failed; three History books: American Colonial History: The Essential Story, The Azusa Street Revival, and America Won the Vietnam War! and a book on leadership NEVER FORGET!.  Just put in the title and his last name.


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