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Self-Deportation – Is that a thing? March 30, 2016

Posted by Dr. Robert Owens in Uncategorized.

Just as there are ways to have them pay for a wall there are ways to encourage illegal aliens to remove themselves.  Make e-verify a workable and mandatory with heavy fines for not using it impose large fines on anyone who employs illegals and criminal charges for second offenses, cut off all social welfare benefits for illegals and watch them drive themselves home.  No one rounded them up and brought themselves here.  No one paid their way to get here.  If we make it impossible for them to hitchhike on America’s good graces they will round themselves up and go home.

There is no need for goon squads rounding people up and carting them off.  Why should we pay a bunch of goons when with these common sense policies the problem solves itself?

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion.  He is the Historian of the Future @ http://drrobertowens.com © 2016 Contact Dr. Owens drrobertowens@hotmail.com  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens / Edited by Dr. Rosalie Owens


1. roger - March 31, 2016

simple and true most illegals will go home on their own only the gang bangers and criminals will stay probably hide out in sanctuary cities having no fear of our federal government

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