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Billary Buries Bernie June 8, 2016

Posted by Dr. Robert Owens in Uncategorized.

Billary, that two headed marriage of convenience between Bubba-in-a-Tux and an empty pantsuit, the living incarnation of the Clinton Crime Family has finally bested the aging Socialist who represents the youth vote in the topsy-turvy world of Democrat politics.  After losing out to Sal Alinsky’s Manchurian Candidate eight years ago, using the Senate as a minor league warm up, the State Department as an ATM, and hauling in over a hundred million dollars making 20 minute speeches that aren’t a cover for bribes Billary proudly announces that she’s a woman and therefore ought to be president.

After taking money from every crony capitalist she can shake down she promises to reign in the crony capitalists.  After voting for the Iraq war before she opposed it, resetting a working relationship with Russia into a disaster, calling Assad a reformer, handing Libya over to ISIS and lying to the grieving families of her victims in Benghazi she wants to be in charge of foreign affairs for real this time.

Now he question is will Billary be able to ride the mind numb robots who vote Democrat if a dead donkey is on the ballot, the dead who manage to vote Democrat in election after election, and all the undocumented Democrats just waiting to proudly cast their first ballot aquí into the White House?

Billary may have buried Bernie so I guess now we have to wonder, will she bury the rest of us too?



1. Stephen Birgells - June 8, 2016

Kill a Democrat. Help clean the gene pool. And while you’re at it why not a Republican? They’re both just two sides of the same coin.

2. David - June 8, 2016

We tend to forget that in order for democracies and this republic to work, we all have to vote from an informed perspective. We need to hold the President and Congress accountable every damned day, not just election day. First question: How much will government cost? Second question: Do we pay for it with taxes or do we incur more debt to finance government? Hard uncomfortable questions.

3. Lisa the Infidel - June 9, 2016

“Now (t)he question…”

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