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Bernie’s Revolution = Status Quo July 26, 2016

Posted by Dr. Robert Owens in Uncategorized.

Was the whole thing just a venting exercise on the way to more of the same? Some kind of political yoga stress relief for the young Progressives the old Progressives are trying to wrangle into the herd.  In 1984 Big Brother ran the resistance. Was Bernie just a shill to gin up excitement for a tread bare hack?  Wow! What an exciting turn of events, the new boss looks just like the old boss.  How appropriate, when the indoctrinated drones of our government controlled re-education systems stage a revolution it re-affirms the current leadership.  I guess the impassioned revolutionary shout from Bernie’s embattled barricades would be, “Vive la Ancien Régime!”

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1. Stephen Birgells - July 26, 2016

Bernie is a typical Jew. It doesn’t matter that another Jew DWS tried to cut his throat. The important thing is that the DNC has deposited a sizable amount into a Swiss bank account for Bernie. If any one can be bought it most certainly is an Independent, Progressive Liberal Jew. After all. money is his God. He missed the Massiah a long time ago or he wouldn’t be a socialist.

2. Stephen Birgells - July 26, 2016

After the Republican dog & pony show so many people were all GaGa and ready to march to the polls that day for Donald Trump. Now, a similar production is taking place in Philadelphia for the hypnotizing of the Progressive Liberal fools.

After watching this silliness from both parties and the zombies that follow them I am more committed to not be wasting my time & energy with the electoral process. One benefit of having been raised in Chicago, Illinios ( The Sodom & Gamorrah of politics) I learned at a very early age that the entire system is rigged, Republican and/or Democrat.


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