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Dr. Robert Owens 2016 Book Signing Events: September 26, 2016

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September 30 – October 2:  Whatcheer Iowa Flea Market 13061 170th St, What Cheer, IA 50268.  This is one of the biggest outside sales events in the Midwest.

October 8:  The 2016 Iowa City Book Fair, Saturday, October 8th, 10 AM-4PM Pedestrian mall, downtown Iowa City.  The Iowa City Book Festival is presented by the Iowa City UNESCO City of Literature. Iowa City is the only “City of Literature” in the United States, and the Iowa City Book Festival will celebrate books and writing by leveraging the unique mix of local resources that helped to earn that designation.

October 15:  The Twin Cities Book Festival—brought to you by Rain Taxi—is not only the largest and most important literary gathering in the Upper Midwest; it is the annual get-together for the Twin Cities’ devoted literary community. This FREE, day-long festival brings people together to celebrate our vibrant literary culture. The festival welcomes ‘rock star’ authors, local literary heroes, publishers, magazines, booksellers—all of whom connect over great books and conversations.

October 21-23:  Marshalltown Fairgrounds Gun Show.

October 28-30:  Iowa State Fairgrounds Gun Show.

November 4-6:  Iowa State Fairgrounds The Simpson UM Flea Market, the largest indoor Market in Iowa.

November 11-13: Cedar Rapids Hawkeye Downs Gun Show.

November 18 19-20:  Ottumwa Iowa Bridgeview Center Gun Show.

November 25-27:  Iowa State Fairgrounds Gun Show.

December 2-4:  Iowa State Fairgrounds The Simpson UM Flea Market, the largest indoor Market in Iowa.

December 9-11:  Waverly Iowa Centre Hall Gun Show


1. Lisa the Infidel - September 26, 2016

Reblogged this on The way I see things … and commented:
Author of America’s Trojan War combines gut wrenching realism and fast paced action to make this feel like it was ripped from the morning’s headlines. Lisa Billingham and Sargent Bushings rushed into the building firing into the faces of the enemy. Hundreds and soon thousands of police, firemen, and civilians poured into the buildings of St Elizabeth Hospital. They shot anything that moved. By force of numbers they pushed the defenders back from the windows and doors. Room by room sometimes desk by desk the fire fights raged leaving dead, wounded and dying scattered in every conceivable pose, piled on the floor, slumped over desks and chairs, and half in and half out of doors and windows. It was no exaggeration to say the building was littered with bodies. Still the Americans in their righteous anger assaulted the enemy with a ferocity they had never imagined.

2. Patti Ross - September 26, 2016

What a great schedule. Wish I lived closer, so I could attend at least one of these. I am pleased to see the post as well, since it suggests you are not being washed away with all the rain in your general area. Take care!

3. Dr. Robert Owens - September 27, 2016

Who knows we are looking into maybe doing some book signings in CA…..8–)

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