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Trump Offices Attacked by Thugs November 5, 2016

Posted by Dr. Robert Owens in Uncategorized.

Thugs vandalize Donald Trump’s Denver campaign office.  His offices in North Carolina have been repeatedly attacked so quite naturally the Democrats under Hillary “The Nail in Our Coffin” Clinton accuse Trump of being a Nazi.  For one thing the Nazis are more accurately known as the extreme leftist National Socialist German Workers Party which is what the German acronym Nazi stands for.  A second point is that it is the Democrats whoi are sending undercover operatives into Trump rallies to incite violence so that their propaganda arm (read Mainstream Media) can then accuse Trump of inciting violence.  As a follow on I seriously doubt that it is anyone besides the bully boys from the left who are trashing Trump offices and physically attacking Trump supporters. This isn’t a case of the pot calling the kettle black this is a case of thugs trying to silence anyone who disagrees with them.

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