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A Workaholic as President January 27, 2017

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We have seen more positive pro-American results flow from the work station of Donald Trump, once known as the Oval Office; then we did in eight years of nothing but drama Obama.  Starting at 6 AM in the morning and working all day our new president is on the job.

I think the shell-shocked Progressives are dazed and confused, “Why he’s following through on his promises, now whoever saw a politician do that before?”  Every time The Donald tweets out another zinger or wills another wall into production, every time they see their plans for knocking us down a peg or two dashed in Make America Great Again the America Last crowd cringes.

Carroll O’Connor the left wing actor made a fortune lampooning hard working members of America’s majority with what he and his Hollywood friends saw as the 1970’s version of Bitter Clingers or Deplorables.  The Corporations Once Known as the Mainstream Media are still dedicated to shoving their vision of a multicultural smelting pot down our throats every night on TV and every week in movies but there is another vision rising out of rural America that has taken center stage.

We aren’t racist, or sexist, or any of the other words the statist invent to demean us because hard working people who believe in family, faith, and American exceptionalism come in all colors, sexes, ethnicities, and religions.  It isn’t based on class because people from all walks of life and every level of income reject the “From each according to their ability to each according to their need” siren song of the centralizing would be commissars.

We hold pro-life marches to mark the anniversary of the legalization of infanticide.  We have held taxed enough already TEA Party gatherings.  We have participated in the massive rallies during the run-up to the triumph of Trump.  These have been marked by peaceful gatherings that usually leave places cleaner than when we got there.  Another aspect of all these mass meetings and marches is that the corrupt media either ignores us entirely, lies about our numbers, or distorts what we are doing.

We are too busy working to occupy anywhere.  We are too busy building, creating, and making things go to become professional agitators.  We don’t have  the wall-to-wall free advertising and cheer leading that is given to the astro-turf grass roots on the left.  One thing we did do was come out of the shadows long enough to foil the coronation of the Queen of New York’s Sixth Crime Family.  One thing we did do was cast enough votes to tell the world that we want to Make America Great Again.  And now with a workaholic as President let’s getter done!

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