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Fancy Nancy and the Schumer Shutdown January 21, 2018

Posted by Dr. Robert Owens in Politics, Politiocal Philosophy.
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Limonene liberal multimillionaire Fancy Nancy takes her democrat cronies out to celebrate the Schumer Shutdown at an exclusive restaurant in DC.   It appears that the Democrat party is dedicated to continuing their America Last campaign to Make America Miserable Again.

Their biggest problem is that the ABCCBSNBCCNNMSNBCNPRPBS Cartel no longer has a monopoly on information.  Led by the BIG voice on the right, Rush, the internet, and social media the right has found its voice.   In the past shutdowns the Democrats with their media megaphone were able to lay the blame at the feet of Republicans.  Today that is no longer the case.  Anyone with eyes can see that this latest interruption in service has been caused by the radical pro-illegal immigrant party.  To them taking care of their future constituents is more important than taking care of the actual constituents.

Making sure that millions of people who broke into our country get benefits is more important than paying our military.  And more important than making sure that the bravest of the brave have the equipment and training facilities they need to succeed.

How can we get these political savants to do their work instead of working us over?  Why not pass a bill saying no member of Congress gets paid just like our heroes can’t get paid.

What can the Republicans do?  Go to the nuclear option let a simple majority pass a budget.  Some will say that is dangerous.  Why not let the majority party really rule as they do in England?  We don’t have a parliamentary system but we shouldn’t have a permanent log jam either.

Instead of holding the government hostage let’s shut down Fancy Nancy and the Schumer shutdown.

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