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Trump Got Played March 24, 2018

Posted by Dr. Robert Owens in Politics, Politiocal Philosophy.
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This is the art of the deal?  Schumer and Pelosi get everything they want and Trump supporters get nothing?

Yes, the military needs what it needs but the President should have vetoed this monstrosity, shut down the government, forced the RINOs to come back from their vacation and send up individual appropriations.

This is a debacle.  Why should anyone vote for any Republican when the Democrats still rule the roost?

What’s next amnesty for the so-called dreamers?  That will turn into amnesty for millions with more on the way.  Anyone who is arrested will say they were brought here as a child.  All they will have to do is say that and the judicial legislators will give them a pass.

So when I say Trump got played I am beginning to think so did we.

Build the wall!  End the wars!  Make America great again!

Signing this pork barrel budget buster wasn’t the way to do it.

Very very disappointed….8—(

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