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Dr. Owens’ Newest Book February 15, 2021

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Dr. Robert Owens announces the publication of his first ever book of poetry.

Every Farmers Got a Gas Pump / Available at Amazon

He started writing poetry before he ever heard of poetry.  There are poems in this book he wrote while in grade school and there are poems in this book, he wrote in 2020.  Therefore, it took more than sixty years for this book to mature from pen to print from swirling thoughts to a book in your hand.

What is poetry? Is it just alliteration, imagery, rhyme, rhythm, sound, stanzas, tone, and meter? Or is it something other. Something shimmering between reality and realization?  Is it the charismatic sister of prose encapsulating enchantment bringing substance to what is known intuitively? 

You might find the answers to these and other questions in Every Farmers Got a Gas Pump

Available at Amazon


1. ANNE REISER - February 15, 2021


2. Lisa the Infidel - February 16, 2021

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