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Make America Great Again – Again October 12, 2021

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On Saturday October 9th at a rally in Des Moines Iowa President Trump

unveiled his campaign slogan going forward:

Make America Great Again – Again

Dr. Robert Owens suggested this slogan to President Trump in 2020. 

He also published a book by the same title in July 2020.

This book is filled with thirty-three of President Trump’s major accomplishments, proving that he accomplished more in one term than any other president. 

Most of this has never been covered by the echo-chamber megaphone pretending to be an objective media.  Some of it has been covered as if through a carnival mirror, distorted and reshaped to fit the negative agenda of the Left.

Though the media elites, the perpetually re-elected, and the bureaucrats of the deep state were united in their determination to defeat Donald Trump and are working feverishly to erase the record of his accomplishments this book is THE historical record of the first outsider to ever be elected president.

Make America Great Again – Again!

Available at Amazon

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