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Is It Memogate Light or Late? February 6, 2018

Posted by Dr. Robert Owens in Politics, Politiocal Philosophy.
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What else could there possibly be to say about the Nunes Memo?  It has been dissected by pundits of the right and the left.  Although if you use Google to find reactions you’ll have to wade through several pages of the left before you find the right.  It has also been evaluated by the Paleoconservatives as represented by its most eloquent voice Pat Buchanan as well as by the leading light of libertarianism, Ron Paul.

It has been hailed as the smoking gun and ridiculed as an attempt to undermine a legitimate investigation.  It has been seen as the scales in the hand of lady justice by one side and as the blindfold on her eyes by another.

One good question to ask is why if the FISA Court has been so abused, misused, and corrupted did Congress just pass and the President just sign a law extending its life?

All of this information was known long before the vote to extend this secret court and its ability to allow the nameless and faceless to violate the fourth amendment rights of Americans.  Why did Nunes and so many of his fellow Republicans vote for this bill?  Why did the Democrats?  And why did President Trump sign it?

We all know that the only collusion in the 2016 Presidential race was The Clinton mob making poor old Bernie think he really had a shot when they fix was in from the beginning.  What I can’t figure out in all that is why Bernie’s supposedly rabid supporters don’t seem to care that they got the shaft from their own party.  Even Donna Brazile, one of the most partisan politicos known to man had an attack of conscious for what she had helped do in corrupting the democrat primary process.

And if anyone is interested in Russian collusion why hasn’t the Uranium One deal rated a Special Counsel?  Or think about this; who would the Russians want as President a billionaire who doesn’t need money and works for free who champions true energy independence if not dominance or a woman that anyone with eyes knows can be bought and who is dedicated like Obama to managing the decline of America.  And since the left is convinced Putin invaded the highly decentralized American election system how do they explain that Hillary won the popular vote.  Whose side were these Russians behind every bush supporting?

Let’s step back and look at all this dispassionately.  Does anyone believe President has received fair treatment from the media?  Has anyone else in the country received the kid-glove treatment Hillary received from the Justice Department and the FBI?  Have they treated the Donald the same way?  In politics perception is more than 50% of reality.  Believe the memo or don’t believe it that’s up to you.  Just ask yourself does any of this pass the smell test?

However this all shakes out there is something rotten in Washington which is what Donald Trump ran against.  Is it any wonder that the denizens of the swamp are trying to devour the one trying to drain it?  It is coming down to who gets who first.  Will the swamp creatures swallow our last best hope or will our chosen leader grab them by them by their collective necks and cast them out?

During the campaign people chanted, “Lock her up!”  Maybe now we should start an email campaign to the White House, “Lock them all up!”  Or at least to let the President know that he isn’t standing alone and that we have his back.

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