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History Holds Its Breath November 1, 2012

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Anyone who has read this column for any appreciable amount of time should have no doubt as to this author’s opinion of Progressivism and its agenda for America.  I have tried over the years to connect the Progressives to their roots and their objectives.  I have attempted to expose their nefarious tactics and strategies.  I have dedicated myself to highlighting the differences between the utopia the Progressives display as their goal and the collectivist quagmire that lies behind the facade.

In this election season I have pointed out that those who wish to foist a living constitution on an unwilling nation seek in reality not a framework for national life but instead a straightjacket of centralized regulations leading to the death of our Federal Republic.  I began the primary season expounding on the many laudable qualities of Ron Paul.  I stated unequivocally that I believed he was the only candidate on the scene who correctly framed the debate and offered a direct path back to limited government, personal liberty, and economic freedom.

The Corporations Once Known as the Mainstream Media along with all of the cable outlets made sure no one ever heard of Dr. Paul’s deep thoughts, true agenda, or accurate election results.  His candidacy was sabotaged by the supporters of the Status Quo.

Since the disappointing days of the primaries I have consistently pointed out that one candidate wanted to lead us to the Progressive gulag of class warfare, redistribution, and stagnation.  I have also pointed out that the other candidate, while not a paragon of small government or an avid supporter of Tea Party values, would at least slow this express to the poor house and perhaps give liberty loving Americans an opportunity to rally round the flag.

The hour is too late and the outcome too important to use the subtle innuendo of the professional objectivity all Historians are trained to present.   I am pleading with my fellow patriots to reject the Manchurian Candidate and vote for the square jawed President-in-waiting from central casting.

If that tongue-in-cheek recitation of manufactured verbal camouflage fails to convey the message perhaps this will seal the deal.  Vote for Romney!

Yes, I know he’s a big government guy.  Yes, I know he is an interventionist waiting for an opportunity to intervene.  However, he is also a venture capitalist who says he wants to make the social and political space that would allow we the people to once again venture to be capitalists.

He says the right things.  Even his statement about the 47% was correct in its essence.  Those who are riding on the gravy train will never vote to turn their pleasure cruise into a bus trip to work.  His so-called gaffs reflect the thinking of conservative America more than the highest flying rhetoric of Mr. Obama.

The Progressive’s champion, who has presided over the largest four year expansion of the National Debt in History, says he will stop the hemorrhaging of red ink by cutting programs and taxing the rich.  In reality the budgets he has submitted project trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see.  The President presents us with a divisive campaign about small things.  He follows the standard Liberal Playbook and tries to divide the nation into voting blocks for use in building a winning coalition.

Governor Romney speaks the language of inclusion, addressing all Americans and holding out the promise of growing the pie instead of the Progressive’s zero sum game of economic musical chairs.  Last time America voted for change and what we got was a man who promised to fundamentally change America.  And that was the only promise he has kept.  Four more years and this wave of fundamental change will be solidified in legislation and habit and we will awake to find we aren’t in Kansas anymore Toto.

Reject the hyperbole of envy and turn away from the claptrap of collectivist redistribution and vote for a return to Constitutional government.  Urge your neighbors, call your friends, influence anyone you can to turn out and vote to turn over the regime.  Vote to send Mr. Obama back to community organizing.  Vote to send the Czars back to the teacher’s lounge.

There are moments when the entire world trembles on the cusp of a great decision.  America held its breath as the Framers debated in Constitution Hall what sort of a government we would have.  Millions of citizens on both sides and millions of slaves held their breath as Mr. Lincoln and his Republicans battled the Confederate Democrats to see whether or not, “government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”  In the 1950s and 60s America following Eisenhower’s lead and building upon traditional Republican support and votes for Civil Rights held its breath to learn if the last vestiges of the Democrat’s Jim Crow Laws could be exorcised from our land.

Today History holds its breath to see if the descendants of the pioneers, the children of the Revolution have become so addicted to the Progressive’s entitlement culture that they will vote to abandon the freedom which is their heritage and forge their own chains of dependency.  We wait to see if the New Deal Democrat slogan, “Tax and tax, spend and spend, elect and elect!” has finally born the fruit of a permanent electoral majority committed to cradle-to-grave government support in exchange for Liberty?

Reject the siren song of free stuff and vote for freedom.  In 2008, America voted for Obama and change.  In 2012, vote for Mitt Romney and change it back!

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion.  He is the Historian of the Future @ http://drrobertowens.com © 2012 Robert R. Owens drrobertowens@hotmail.com  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens



1. John Switzer - November 2, 2012

Thank you for your commentary. We are of like minds! I would be honored to have you as a reader of my own blog, http://www.TheLibertyProfessor.com. I plan to follow you!

2. tammi lance - November 2, 2012

as a severely physically handicapped american who only has “government handouts” to survive on i’m afraid that it’s a lose:lose situation with our candidates. i raised 3 children to be self supporting and independent then i went on to college but before i could finish my degree and become part of the working “productive” part of society my health went down the toilet. if ssi and food stamp programs get cut what’s to become of someone like me/ am i to go live with one of my children and let them support me? i have very little personal independence left so living in my own home and trying to pay my own bills is about the extent of my independence anymore…it’s not easy for me to accept the government welfare but i don’t know of any other option…and i know i’m not the only one in this position….and trust me, those of us who truly need and depend on this do not live even a financially comfortable life. we have no luxuries…having a place to live and utilities are the only luxuries in life we have. without medicaid to pay my medical expenses my life will literally end. my children can barely support their own families.
to me, when candidates and most americans start complaining about government programs they are not looking at the big picture…do you realize how many truly needy families won’t be able to survive without food stamps or some kind of assistance? the way i see it, is we are being told we are worth the assistance…there are always going to be a few bad apples in every area of life…you can’t throw out the whole bushel just because of those few!

3. P. Long - November 3, 2012

Your plight, Ms. Lance, is not one geared to the ‘fun’ side of life. (Always considering there is a fun side.) But, I’d like to point out that you aren’t paying your bills. You may feel a degree of independence because the money comes from your hand to the bill collectors, but your still aren’t independent and are not paying your own bills. The general public is paying your bills in your children’s place. We, the tax paying public, help raise other people’s children, take care of their old and infirm, and all while we try to handle our own problems. If it were just a few bad apples, it might be tolerable, but when you have generations of people dependent on the government…..common sense and economics dictate that something has to change. Hopefully, the change won’t include totally abandoning people, but things have to change or circumstances will see to it they are abandoned. Our economic system is on the brink of collapse. When that happens, there will be forced change and abandonment.

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