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America Rising November 9, 2016

Posted by Dr. Robert Owens in Politics, Politiocal Philosophy.
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After the greatest upset in American History we have stepped from the precipice of the abyss and now stand upon the threshold of renewal.  America’s setting sun is rising again.

That hope we voted for was not the victim of a late term abortion.  It was not still born in the continuation of corrupt politics, failed policies, and deliberate defeat.  Instead we open our eyes on the possibility that after passing through the darkness of the Obamanation on January 20, 2017 we will once again experience the pride and satisfaction of America fulfilling its destiny as the home of the brave and the land of the free.

In the coming months as the Progressives prepare to slink out of the swamp to plot and plan their restoration we must be on guard for the flurry of executive orders, presidential actions, midnight appointments, and pardons that will inevitably spew out of the Oval Office.  Now that the Donald has cleared the path and shown the way let us hope that in these waning days of a lame duck administration the Republicans who control Congress will find the courage to stop President Obama from making the swamp that much more malignant.

As we celebrate the great victory let us stand ready to pitch in and help realizing that there will be sacrifices required to flush the bilge and right the ship of state.

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion.  He is the Historian of the Future @ http://drrobertowens.com © 2016 Contact Dr. Owens drrobertowens@hotmail.com  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens / Edited by Dr. Rosalie Owens



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2. Ray - November 14, 2016

Well said, sir. My wife and I knelt in prayer before we went to vote. We asked that God guide our decision and to help us in the spiritual fight against the evils that have befallen our country. I’m not writing this preaching “religion” for I am not a zealot. I am only saying that we had fallen so far into darkness as a country that I and many others believe that God is our only way out. We must have Him on our side. I believe that He has opened the eyes of many who were blind to the evil that has gripped us. Many, many black people in my area and around the country spoke up and voted for Trump. That in itself is a miracle in this day and time. My suggestion is for all Patriots to keep praying and keep fighting. The war is far from won. It has only just begun.

Thank you so much for your insight and articles that so succinctly point out the directions and steps we must take to free our country. You sir, have been an inspiration to me and many others.

~ Ray

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