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Days Rush By and Then They’re Gone February 27, 2018

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A wise man once said,

“Once I was young and now I am old.”

The young act as if youth is some clever thing they secretly discovered.

Guilty as charged is all I can say.

We have hours to kill but not a moment to spare.

Days rush by and then they’re gone.

They’re gone and then forgotten.

Who remembers the sound of the rooster’s crow?

Who remembers the beauty of the crone?

Who remembers the hair of the bald?

Who remembers the youth of the old?

Days rush by and then they’re gone.

One moment you’re the youngest one in the crowd

Suddenly you’re the oldest person in the room.

Defiantly we say, “I can’t respect someone just because they’re old!”

Then we wonder why “These kids” don’t show us any respect.

Days rush by and then they’re gone.

Dust in the wind

Flowers in bloom

A joy filled sunny day

A wise man once said,

“Growing old is not for the faint of heart.”

Days rush by and then they’re gone.

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